#001 ~ Once Upon A Time... ~ Wednesday, February 9th, 2005

So here it is, the very first (dun duhnuhNAH) PaintWorld comic! Ooooooooooo! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! ... Yeah I'm done now. Not much is actually happening in this comic as you can see, but it is only the beginning and in the beginning you have to set the scene. You all now know the name of the mythical world this comic will be taking place in and that it is one of those typical tried and true fantasy worlds. You have also now met one of the characters. You don't know his name, but as it is only 4 panels long and the first three involved telling you what kind of a world this was I don't think that it's all that unusual. For anyone who may be wondering, yes those are original sprites that I drew myself in MSPaint. They aren't the most impressive of sprites that I've seen, but I'm a bit on the lazy side and unless I decide to completely re-do the comic again they're staying the way they are.