#039 ~ Miscommunication ~ Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008
PaintWorld #039 :: Miscommunication

You know for once I'm fairly happy with the title I came up with for this comic. It's concise and accurately describes what's going on. Must be having a good day or something. I got to play around with facial expressions again in this comic. YAY!!! It's really hard to do when she's upsidedown and I haven't really been able to for a while as she's had pretty much the same feeling and expression for a while now so I'm happy. It always amazes me how much an expression can change with just a few lines or even a few pixels difference! So we really are getting to the end of the tree saga as it has become. Only two more with her in the tree. One of which is her getting out of the tree. Now that we're this far into it, I'm coming up on the end of where I had scripts written to so that's another thing I need to get working on. Never thought that I would make it this far in all honesty but it has been pretty interesting if really, REALLY slow. Man I had a lot to say today... Well I'm done now so until next time readers! Peace out!

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