The Cast

Kiatarra Name: Kiatarra Vynn
Age: 21
Bio: A thief who's down on her luck, Kiatarra is approached by Kamarii as a possible candidate to go on the mysterious quest. She freaks out a little and demands that Kamarii leave her alone. Will she agree to listen to Kamarii or will she be yet another passing character?
Kamarii Name: Kamarii
Age: ?? (as old as the world of Paint at least...)
Bio: One of the creators of Paint, Kamarii has been away from this world for centuries and comes back to find a champion to go on a quest for her. The first person she finds is a failure (being a person who blatantly broke the fourth wall on numerous occassions), but will her second choice be any better than her first?
Peridias Name: Peridias Rystat
Age: 42
Bio: He hasn't appeared yet and I'm not spoiling it so there XP
Tarian Name: Tarian Nelvid
Age: 23
Bio: The first person chosen as the epic hero to go on a dangerous quest, his name has not been mentioned once in the comic to date. As punishment for breaking the fourth wall and being a general pain-in-the-ass, he was squished with a big rock, but is that really the last we will see of him outside of lame filler comics?



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