The Story

There is an epic story afoot in the world of Paint... if it can ever find someone to take on the lead role. A creator of Paint has returned from a centuries long absence with a quest for a brave soul who is willing to risk life and limb to save their world from destruction. Only the first person she picks doesn't want a job that dangerous and demands that she change the script of the comic. Unwilling to put up with his blatant disrespect and fourth wall breaking, the creator squishes him with a boulder and goes out in search of a new champion for her quest.

Not long into her search, the creator comes across a theif who has the mysterious ability to actually hear what the creator says/thinks/puts in the rectangular text boxes. However the theif is less than impressed by this ability and demands that the creator leave her alone. With the fate of the world of Paint in the balance, can the two of them figure out that they have been brought together by destiny and only they can keep this comic going?






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